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advisors excel Proposal-updated

3 photos representing welcome gifts completed for Advisor's Excel


Advisor's Excel logo cookie

These Advisor's Excel logo cookies have been in every hotel welcome gift. 

Hotel Welcome Gifts.jpg

original hotel welcome gift

The basis for the hotel welcome gifts. Gifts have come in nice cardboard boxes, bottled water, 2 mini chocolate bars, fresh juice or ready to drink cold brew coffee, fresh granola, craft beer beef jerky, Advisor's Excel cookie, meet your maker informational insert. Not pictured: Advisor's Excel greeting card. 


Custom jb logo cookie

Custom JB Logo cookie. These gifts also came in beautiful white cardboard boxes tied with green satin ribbon. 

all items below can be branded or labeled with the advisor's Excel logo.

to bring together new hotel welcome gifts with every item branded and displaying the Advisor's excel logo we've reached out to each of our vendors to create and add substitute items reflecting this request

we look forward to hearing your feedback, likes, and dislikes


maps chocolate bars

This is a small batch local chocolate company, MAPS Chocolate. These can be a substitute option for the previously used mini chocolate bars. These can have the Advisor's Excel logo added to the regular and mini sized chocolate bars.


Cinnamon Candied pecans

Already complementary green packaging the Advisor's Excel logo can be added to the front or back packaging (waiting to confirm absolute placement of company logo options).


single serve roasterie coffee 

The blue label reading Kansas City Blend can be replaced with the Advisor's Excel Logo. 



These chocolate covered oreos are one of our most popular branded food items. Nearly any logo or desired design can be portrayed on the surface of the cookie. These come in denominations of 2+ 


Fresh popcorn - multiple flavors

This is an example of a custom baby shower tag. These can be cusomized to any company and use any logo needed.



The same bottled water we've been using in the current hotel welcome gifts. We're currently in talks to create a label and water bottle specific for Advisor's Excel! The owner herself if handcrafting a design for your approval. Alternatively we can create an Advisor's Excel logo label for any standard bottled water. 



A sweet alternative - 2 macaroons in clear gift packaging with green satin ribbon and rounded or square Advisor's Excel hang tag. 


Advisor's Excel logo sugar cookie

The same logo cookies we've been using in the hotel welcome gifts. Do you like these cookies? 


fresh granola

Due to health regulations Dolce cannot alter their ingredient label to add a different company logo. However we could add a beautiful AE hang tag to the front of the bag. I understand this may not be sufficient for logo branding but wanted to offer the option to keep this item! Update: I sent an email inquiring about moving the front Dolce label up higher on the bag and incorporating a branded Advisor's Excel logo sticker below. 

Below are examples of branded packaging and various options available


Example of ribbon branding 

Satin Ribbon with the Advisor's Excel logo. This would be in green or white. 


example of cardboard box

This is an example of a branded box that was used to ship gifts but an example of possible cardboard box branding. White gloss and matte in front flip open cardboard boxes are also available. 


example of non-cardboard box branding

This is an example of branding on the outside label rather than the cardboard box. Satin ribbon with the Advisor's Excel logo can also be  used. 



example of our traditional and most popular branding option

Our traditional and most popular branding option - a wood brand of the company logo with optional placement on any of our wooden keepsake boxes. 


Example of our traditional and most popular branding option 2

Our traditional and most popular branding option - a wood brand of the company logo with optional placement on any of our wooden keepsake boxes. 


example of our traditional and most popular branding option 3

Our traditional and most popular branding option - a wood brand of the company logo with optional placement on any of our wooden keepsake boxes. 

Below are a few non-food items for consideration


portable charger

These are a life saver when on the road!

A pratical gift for all of your traveling clients and a keepsake gift with ongoing advertisement for Advisor's Excel. Keep the marketing on-going well after they've left your event.


Portable headphones in branded case

A thoughtful addition to your hotel welcome gifts. 

And a practical gift your travel clients will keep well after they've parted your event! 

The KC Box logo is shown in black but the Advisor's Excel logo is available in black or color. 


Slim portable charger 

A slim version and slightly nicer version of the portable charger. 

*All items on this page have various price points. After gathering your initial feedback, what you like and dislike we will be able to give you conclusive cost estimates and sample gift photos.