Example only- Proposal and Vision Board

We'd be honored to work with you to bring your big day to life. After our preliminary discussion we've created a vision which we hope you love and will highlight your day just as you've envisioned. 

  • After you've reviewed our initial proposal please email us at hello@kansascitybox.com with your likes/dislikes and/or order requests. Once we've established each of the products you love we'll work with you to fine tailor your gifts to their perfection. 
  • Some brides or couples love to be 100% hands on and some brides or couples love to leave the creative juices to us. Just let us know how much involvement you'd like!
  • Do you have an event planner? Would you like to pass this project on to them? No problem! Email us at hello@kansascitybox.com with your event planners information and we'll get in touch within 24 hours!
  • We want your big day to be stress free! Once we've finalized your gifts and payment you can sit back and we'll handle the rest. Don't worry delivery is included with every gift. 
  • Please note: We purchase product in bulk and do not have access to all samples until after the order is placed. For that reason we utilize our vision board with inspiration, products to which we have access, and previous events we've worked. 


Approximately 6 Gifts

Budget $100-$150 per


Approximately 6 Gifts

Budget $100-$150 per



Budget $100-$150

Items we love for this proposal:

  • Wooden Keepsake Box 
    • A gift in itself!
    • Optional fresh greenery, tied close with ribbon and name tag
      • Photo 1
  • HOOPLA Nail Polish  
    • Color of your choosing 
      • Photo 5, 6, 11
  • Alcohol Choices:
    • Sofia Wine Cans
      • Photo 15
    • Sofia Rosé Bottle
    • KC Wine Co Bottle 
    • Champagne
    • Insert your favorite boozy delight here 
  • Would you like custom robes for your bridal party? We can add this to your bridesmaid gift for a special and luxurious add-on.
    • The photos above are from Plum Pretty Sugar. 
      • Photo 3
      • We'll add in a complementary robe for the bride too! 
  • Wild Wash Soap Co & Wild Botanicals 
    • Pink Clay, Charcoal, or Blue Clay Face Mask Vials
      • Photo 7
    • Relaxation Bath Salts
      • Photo 8 
    • Mini Bar of Soap 
      • Photo 12
  • Chocolate
    • Andre's + Roasterie Collaboration Bar or Set of Mini Andres Truffles 
      • Photo 13
  • Gold Picture Frame with a photo of you and the bridesmaid? Or some personal touch such as this? 

The total for the gift listed above is: $145 this includes items listed above, free delivery, and card* 

Add On or substitution items we love:

  • Yay! Champagne glass from Easy Tiger Co
    • $18.00
  • Champagne Gummy Bears from SugarFina 
    • $5.00
  • Handcrafted White Lace Ring Dish from ArtByJenF
    • $10.00

*See items you'd like removed or added? Let us know and we'll make it happen/adjust the price accordingly. 



Budget $100-$150

Items we love:

  • Custom Mini Bourbon Whiskey Barrels
    • Initials can be added to the front of these barrels
    • Photo 1 and Photo 3
  • Commonly paired with black sunglasses
    • Photo 1
  • Commonly paired with a cigar from KC Cigar Co.
    • It's about 50/50 for clients who like the cigar portion but we of course don't have to add tobacco products. 
    • Photo 1
  • Commonly paired with J.Riegar Monogram Whiskey 
    • Some of Kansas City's finest! 
    • Photo 5
  • The total for the gift listed above is: $150 this includes items listed above, all customization, free delivery, and card*

More items we love:

  • Wooden Keepsake Box
    • A gift in itself! 
  • Craft Beer Beef Jerky 
    • A collaboration with Cinder Block Brewery 
    • Photo 9 
  • The School of Sock 
    • Come in various themes and a popular item in KC
    • I heart KC Socks, Red Arrowhead Socks, KC Banner Socks, non-KC socks too
    • Photo 2 and Photo 10
  • Thez Nuts 
    • Smokey BBQ Almonds 
    • Photo 6 
  • Alcohol
    • J. Rieger Monogram Whiskey 
    • Insert your favorite boozy delight here! 
  • Whiskey Rocks from Holladay Distillery in Weston, MO
  • The total for the gift listed above is: $125 this includes items listed above, free delivery, and card* 

More items we love for the bearded groomsmen: 

  • Wooden Keepsake Box
    • A gift in itself! 
  • KC Beard Balm 
    • Photo 7
  • KC Beard Balm or Hammer and Oak Beard Comb
    • Photo 7
  • Local Coffee Beans 
    • Photo 9
  • FoxTrot locally made handcrafted leather watches - a luxurious add-on for the men! 
    • Photo 4
  • Small Andre's Chocolate Bar 
  • The total for the gift listed above is $110 this includes items listed above, free delivery, and card*

Add on or SUBSTITUTIONS items we love:

  • KC Labyrinth Flask
    • $25.00
  • Bottle Opener 
    • $8.00
  • MAPS Small Batch Chocolate Bars 
    • $10.00 

*See items you'd like removed or added? Let us know and we'll make it happen/adjust the price accordingly. 



Approximately 200-249 Gifts

Budget $15-$20 per

Welcome to KC

Approximately 20 Gifts

Budget $100 per



Budget: $20 per person 

I have a few different ideas or routes we can go here - Just let me know what you like! 

  • Option A: 1 Gift for each guest
  • Option B: Several Smaller Gifts 

Option A:

A mini version of The Kansas City Box's most popular gift, The Taste of Kansas City. The Taste of Kansas City is a wonderful well rounded gift that can be tailored to reflect both the person gifting, a snapshot of local Kansas City offerings, plus a lot of delicious goodies for guests to enjoy! 

The Taste of KC - Mini

  • Wooden Keepsake Box or White Hat Box 
    • Photo 3 and Photo 1 
  • Mini Gate's BBQ Sauce 
    • Photo 5
  • Custom Popcorn or Topsy's Popcorn Mini Bag
    • The labels can be customized to reflect the overall theme of your day. 
      • Photo 8 - this was a baby shower label but we'd change this to reflect your style! 
  • Mini Cookie Pack 
    • We could go a couple different route's here:
      • Dolce makes a pack of chocolate chip cookie as seen in Photo 7. Dolce has also offered to put together a custom cookie or double dark chocolate cookie bundle, in a small individual baggie, and tied with twine. 
      • SweetsByRachel makes adorable custom cookies such as these Shuttlecock cookies in Photo 6. She can make any vision come to life. A few more examples of her work she's done are an all white outlined Kansas City skyline cookie, and the Charlie Husle blue heart KC. These cookies would also be individually bagged, and tied with twine.
  • Murphy Family Ranch 
    • Small Honey sticks instead of the glass jar of raw honey 
  • Andre's Chocolates
    • We could do a single truffle pack - Photo 3 reflects the look of their truffles. 
      • Have you tried their truffles? I picked up a dark chocolate truffle as a sample yesterday and holy cow it was amazing! 
    • Alternative: A mini chocolate Andre's chocolate bar
      • I believe the packaging of this Andre's chocolate bar will pair really nicely with this gift! 
  • Coffee
    • Mini Sampler from Roasterie Coffee 
  • I would work with the person who created your wedding invitations or any signage to make an insert for this gift in the same styling. This insert can also express a heartfelt thank you or message to each of your guest. 
    • A very personal touch a something I believe guests would love. 

This is the ultimate gift guest will remember for years to come. We'll package these gifts up with ribbon and optional snips of greenery plus a thank you or take one tag. 

The total for this gift is $23.00 - being slightly over your budget I plan to talk a few of our vendors to bring the overall cost down to $20.00. 


option B:

Several smaller gifts which can be set up in different stations at your venue such as one at their seat, one as their name card, one as a parting gift. 

  • Mini Succulents wrapped in brown craft paper with a small thank you note 
    • Photo 9
  • Mini Box of Andre's or Christopher Elbow Chocolates 
    • Photo 3
  • Let Love Grow or Customiized Seed Packet
    • These are 100% customizable 
    • These have a heartfelt Thank You on the back of the seed packet 
  • Doughnut to go in a white box with your initials or thank you note
    • I'd suggest sourcing doughnuts from The Doughnut Lounge they have an amazing product and are well versed in working with both Dolce and in a wedding setting. 
      • Photo 2 
  • Copper Mug 
    • Laced with a Thank You note 
    • A popular gift we've done in the past due to the keepsake nature of the gift 
    • The cost for this is $18
      • Photo 11

We could do a variety of any of these gifts together. 

*See items you'd like removed or added? Let us know and we'll make it happen/adjust the price accordingly. 


hotel welcome to KC Gifts

Budget: $100 per couple 

The hotel Welcome to KC is a special way to welcome your guests who have traveled near and far to partake in your special day. This is a great opportunity to give these couples a gift that's both practical for their stay but also a snapshot of what Kansas City is all about. 

Items we love for this gift:

  • Wooden Keepsake Box
    • A gift in itself (these would be different from the reception boxes so we're not doubling up on couples receiving the same gifts)
  • We'll work to create a welcome packet to reflect your style and welcome your guests to Kansas City. This small packet will have details about Kansas City where to go, eat, visit, etc. We'll also include a schedule for wedding weekend festivities. 
    • Photo 5 and Photo 11 has the example of a booklet, skyline, and Welcome to [Kansas City]. 
  • Fresh fruit 
  • Sparkling Water 
    • Perrier Cans or Bottles - Photo 5 and Photo 14 
      • I think a cool local substitution here would Unbakery & Juicery water - Photo 1 
  • Fresh Granola from Dolce Bakery 
    • This comes fresh made in a clear bag tied with twine and the best snack 
    • Photo 3
  • Fresh Citrus (Orange) Juice 
    • Photo 10 
  • White Cookie with the Kansas City Skyline or French Macaroons 
    • Photo 13
  • A sweet of some kind
    • Because we're doing chocolate in the other gifts it might be nice to do caramels here. 
      • Andre's has a beautiful pack of caramels or Salt & Flint in Lawrence, Kansas
      • Photo 11 has a taffy example 
  • Each gift comes with fresh snips of floral and ribbon - Photo 7 and a complementary The Scout Guide Kanas City - Photo 16

The cost for this gift is $100 - free delivery to the hotel is included with these gifts! 

add on or SUBSTITUTION items we love

  • KC Wine Co Wine 
    • $20.00
  • Hugo Tea or Unbakery Loose Leaf Tea
    • $8.00 

*See items you'd like removed or added? Let us know and we'll make it happen/adjust the price accordingly. 


We look forward to working with you! Please reach out via email at hello@kansascitybox.com with any additional question. If you love the overall style and would like us to run with the overall theme we can do that too!



Due to the large quantity of inventory needed for wedding orders we do require a minimum deposit of 50% of the total price prior to the event. Your deposit will secure your wedding date and no additional events or orders will be filled on the day of your wedding. 100% of our focus will be on you and to make May 19th special. Additionally your deposit will ensure all product will be ordered and arrive prior to your wedding date. 

The final 50% of your total payment will be due 30 days prior to the event as well as final numbers for the event. 

For those who pay 100% of the total for the event up front we offer a discount.