Explore KCK: A City Guide

Divided by the Missouri River, Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS bring us a tale of two cities; each holding its own unique character and story. Kansas City, Missouri is undoubtedly the more famous of the two but Kansas City, Kansas, better known as KCK, should not be overlooked. I’ve spent the last few months scouring the city for all the swoon worthy KCK spots. I hope you’re ready for a run down of delicious food, drink, history, and - because I’m always here to help you do it for the insta - IG worthy murals. Your crash course on KCK starts now.


don’t worry tourists and kc lovers alike. this wouldn’t be a kansas city guide without bbq, would it?

explore kck: bbq 


Joe’s KC -

Woodyard BBQ - Photo Credit: Kansas City Foodie Finds

Slaps BBQ -

Jone’s Bar B Que - Photo Credit: Visit Kansas City Kansas

Gate’s BBQ -

Blind Box (Coming Soon!) - Make sure we can share this information.

Need a caffeine fix?

explore kck: coffee shops



Third Space Coffee: Just outside KCK in Bonner Springs - Barista Photo Credit: Visit Kansas City Kansas

Third Space Coffee:

Three Bees Pottery & Coffee Shop: SW Boulevard Shop & Enjoy Coffee (Unique Spot)

explore kck: get outside


ZipKC: Photo Credit: Visit Kansas City Kansas - Technically located in Bonner

Kayak the Missouri River with Kansas Kayak Club: Put in paint Kaw Point - Photo Credit: Visit Kansas City Kansas

Boulevard Drive In Theater: Get New Photo (Thursday)

Rosedale Arch or Rozark Nature Trails:

John Brown Memorial Statue: Touch on Importance

Kaw Valley Outlook: Overlooking the City (Added description)

explore kck: food


1889: Photo belongs to Anna Petrow

Jarocho: Photo belongs to Feast? Visiting this weekend

Blue Sushi Sake:

The Mason Jar: Updated Photo on Friday

Could add more, Tao Tao and/or Vietnam Cafe

explore kck: imbibe


Kaw Point Meadery (Opening Soon): Update Outdoor Photo

Holyfield Winery: Just outside of town.

The Mockingbird Lounge: Photo Credit to the Restaurant. Search to see if personal photo was saved in cloud pre-laptop crash

Chicagos: Resident Dive Bar. Local Favorite

Breits: Resident Dive Bar. Update Outside Pic san-girls from Archive

Rowe Ridge: Froze all day - pull updated pic from Archive

explore kck: Murals


Add the other 2 mural photos

Add addresses

All Photos belong to me

explore kck: taco tour


Taco Republic: Don’t include description maybe just photo for context but this place kind of sucks, so yea.

San Antonios:

El Pollo Rey:

El Camino Real: Try to pull original photo from old phone sans IG Text

Could add 3 additional locations? Bichelmeyer Meats, Kritzman, Tacos on Wheels, etc.

and to wrap this up on a sweet note:

explore kck: Sweet treats


  • Gus’ Fried Chicken - ‘Cause Pie - Photo credit: Gus’

  • Tropicana - Frozen Treat and allll Pop picks were apparently lost in the crash. Ask Anna to use hers.

  • Bonito Michoacan Bakery - ‘Cause Churros for Days - Upload Personal Pic from Archive

  • Hana’s Donuts - Coveted Donuts - Early Bird get the Worm kind of place - Photo Credit: KC Local Eats (Jamie & Brit)