Jeff Hardeman Proposal 

We'd be honored to work with you to bring your gifts to life. After our preliminary discussion we've created a vision which we hope you love and will highlight the gift just as you've envisioned. 

  • After you've reviewed our initial proposal please email us at with your likes/dislikes and/or order requests. Once we've established each of the products you love we'll work with you to fine tailor your gifts to their perfection. 
  • Once we've finalized your gifts and payment you can sit back and we'll handle the rest. Don't worry delivery is included with every gift. 
  • Please note: We purchase product in bulk and do not have access to all samples until after the order is placed. For that reason we utilize our vision board with inspiration, products to which we have access, and previous events we've worked. 

overall idea based on what I understand your vision to be:

  • Gift box large enough to house 4 - 1/2 inch binders 
  • Gift should display Kansas City themed wrap inside the gift itself and tied with riboon
    • Unfortunately we do not have access to KC Themed Ribbon on this short of turn around. 
  • I have searched our studio and we do not have a wooden box that will hold 4 - 1/2 inch binders but I have come up with an idea that I hope you like. 
  • Pictured below is a basket with 4 - 1 inch binders which could be lined with KC themed tissue (also pictured below) and the binders displayed nicely upright. 
    • I believe adding samples of the KC Box to this gift would make a nice addition to this gift. 
  • If we take said basket lined with KC themed tissue and stuff with the binders and KC themed items such as the Taste of KC outlined below you'll receive a cohesive Kansas City Forward presentation. 
  • I hope we're understanding you're overall vision correctly for this gift.
  • The total for singular basket and Kansas City themed wrap is $50 which includes delivery to your address. 

The Taste of Kc 

This is by far our most popular gift:

  • Thez Nuts - Cinnamon Pecans or Smokey BBQ Almonds
  • Topsy's Popcorn
  • Joe's KC BBQ
  • Roasterie Coffee 
  • Oddly Correct Domain Cold Brew 
  • Murphy Family Ranch Raw Honey 
  • Andre's + Roasterie Collaboration Chocolate Bar
  • QR Code to Meet Your Local Makers 
  • Free Delivery 

The total for this gift is $75.00 - Seeing how we're going for a very Kansas City forward gift I'd propose we sub out a few of these items for any item listed below. 



  • Craft Beer Beef Jerky a collaboration with Cinder Block Brewery - $8.00
  • Arrowhead KC Socks - $12.50
  • Heart KC Blue Socks - $12.50
  • I Heart KC Wooden Magnet - $7.99
  • Kansas City Rocks Glass or Boulevard Glass - $10.00 
  • The Scout's Guide to KC - $3.00 (Pictured Above)
  • Kansas City Skyline Coaster Set - $5.00 (Same as canvas bag pictured above)
  • Kansas City Skyline Canvas Bag - $25.00 (Pictured above) 

Please review the items we've listed and let us know what you like/dislike.


*See items you'd like removed or added? Let us know and we'll make it happen/adjust the price accordingly. 

We look forward to working with you! Please reach out via email at with any additional question. If you love the overall style and would like us to run with the overall theme we can do that too!

Please allow 10-14 business days to order product and assemble corporate gift orders.