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Liberty Mutual- formal proposal

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liberty mutual - Custom proposal - employee incentive and hotel welcome gifts

Kansas City Box provides a refreshing new approach to corporate and client gifting. We create truly personalized, elevated gifts for clients of all sizes. Whether you’re a business of 5 or 5,000, we will design a gifting suite that fully captures your brand and leaves a lasting impression on clients, employees, vendors, and more.

Our team handles absolutely everything from start to finish. Real people, in our Kansas City based studio, sourcing unique local brands and products, designing branded collateral, hand packing, hand-writing personalized notes, and even taking care of shipping and logistics.

What makes us different from our competitors? In less than one year of business we've grown from a one-woman shop to a team that ships hundreds of gifts monthly, we have extensive experience in creating custom hyper-local gifts for all occasions. We produce many of our products in-house or in collaboration with over 60 local vendors. This allows us to offer virtually endless opportunities for customization and personalization, even at low quantities. We are equipped to handle screen-printing, wooden branding, engraving, letterpress - you name it!

We can incorporate your company’s branding into the theme or color scheme, branded glassware, apparel, accessories, artisan food items, stationery, collateral, and even private label items.

Whether you’re welcoming new employees, celebrating a holiday, launching a new product, or just saying thanks, we’ll create the perfect gifts, customized exactly to your needs and budget. You can just sit back, relax, and take all of the credit.

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Kansas City Box


Carefully Curated gifts leave lasting impressions

Preliminary discussion

We'd be honored to work with you to bring your employee incentive gifts to life. After our preliminary discussion, we've created a vision which we hope you love and will highlight the gift just as you've envisioned. 

  • After you have reviewed our initial proposal please email us at or prior email thread with your likes/dislikes and/or order requests. Once we've established each of the products you love we'll work with you to fine tailor your gifts to their perfection. You can be as hands on or off at this point, it's up to you!


curated items we love


Gift Proposal - Hotel Del Coronado, CA

WELCOME to san diego hotel arrival bags


Hotel arrival gift (last year they received windbreakers)


$37 arrival gift ($3k/81 guests)


For this gift we’d propose:

  • A similar approach as last year with an elevated twist. We’ve seen a high demand for fleece vests this year. Rather than windbreakers (especially for any returning employees) we’d propose a navy fleece vest available in both women’s and men’s sizes. We choose navy for a play on the Liberty Mutual color palette. The Liberty Mutual logo can also be added to the fleece vest as seen below.

  • We’d propose housing these in a beautiful canvas bag also in navy with an optional design. The San Diego Skyline, Liberty Mutual Logo, or Conference Logo are all options for the canvas bag branding.

  • In addition to the canvas bag we’d add a travel guide to San Diego and an informational insert containing information you’d like included about your conference. A popular addition here is an itinerary for the weekend.

Gift Proposal - Hotel Del Coronado, CA

WELCOME to san diego Hotel room drop gifts


Room drop gift (last year they received Yeti mugs with the Liberty Mutual logo, although it doesn’t have to be branded)


$45 room drop gift ($2k/44 guests)


For this gift we’d propose 1 of 2 routes

Route 1:

  • Sticking with the navy color palette, a nod to the hotel arrival gift and the Liberty Mutual logo, we’d propose a hotel welcome box with travel essentials. We’d propose a leather keepsake travel bag containing 18+ travel necessities such as ear buds, phone/tablet stand, hand lotion, ear plugs, sleep mask, wrinkle releaser, and more.

  • Toffee for snacking housed in a blue ribbon tied box

  • Notebook with pen or Assorted local snacks - we would want to verify if nut based items are possible for inclusion. Popcorn and/or Artisan Potato Chips are also a shelf stable and popular snack items.

Route 2:

  • Sticking with the navy color palette, as a nod to the hotel arrival gift and the Liberty Mutual logo, we’d propose a similar approach to last year’s Yeti Mugs but with an elevated twist.

  • This navy Yeti mug is a wonderful high quality gift item which would be housed in a box paired with maple bourbon caramels and a salty snack item; such as trail mix. We’d present this as in a closed box tied with ribbon and an optional logo tag elevating the gift and sense of personalization to the gifting experience.


Gift ProposaL - Omni orlando resort at CHAMPIONS GATE


*As a note - We were unsure who these 3-5 gifts are going to so we have proposed 2 of our most popular gifts that also appeal to a mass audience. If there’s a specific person or theme you’re looking for in these gifts just let us know and we’ll adjust this proposal!


3-5 gift baskets that will ship out 3/26


$100 each


For this gift we’d propose a modified version of one of our 2 most popular gifts - Movie & Game Night or The Taste of KC

Movie & Game Night Includes:

  • You’ll see a Kansas City wine tag included below which we’d remove

  • Set of 4 gourmet and hand crafted bon-bons

  • Blue popcorn (pictured below)

  • Luxury playing cards deck (pictured below)

  • Gourmet sipping chocolate

  • Craft small batch marshmallows to pair with the sipping chocolate

  • Binge watching survival kit - contains fuzzy socks, coasters, should I keep watching or go to bed decision coin, and more

  • Housed in our wooden keepsake box

  • Tied with ribbon and a Liberty Mutual logo tag


The Taste of KC Includes:

  • Below you’ll see an example of the Taste of KC. Due to the time of year we currently have the holiday blend on hand for photographs. When this gift ships in March the coffee would be adjusted to their most popular coffee blend which is housed in a beautiful black matte bag.

  • Topsy’s Caramel Popcorn - This popcorn is a Kansas City classic and our most requested item across all mediums.

  • Set of 4 gourmet and hand crafted bon-bons

  • We realize Kansas City BBQ Sauce may not be as appealing to non-Kansas Citians (even if we’re biased and we think we create the best BBQ around) so this item can easily be replaced for almost any desired snack item.

  • Canning Co black garlic paste or half ripe tomato relish - a delicious culinary gift for any gift basket recipient

  • Liberty Mutual logo cookie - you can view an example of a logo cookie below

  • This gift is housed in our classic wooden keepsake box.


Gift ProposaL - Omni orlando resort at CHAMPIONS GATE

Conference Pre-Mailer Gifts


Pre-mailer luggage tags + gift to ship out 4/26 (last year we shipped a box of 4 coasters and 2 luggage tags with the meeting logo)


$18 pre-mailer ($3,800/210 winners)


For this gift we’d propose 1 of 2 routes

Route 1 - Luggage Tags & A Candle for the Home Includes:

  • The below photo is representative complete box. If we are to move forward with this order we will order samples ahead of time to show a completed example of this gift for you!

  • 2 Luggage Tags - as requested above

  • The Untamed Supply travel candle comes in a variety of fresh scents such as redwood, whiskey and bourbon, cinder, and more. These unique scents have shown to be popular amongst our female and male clients alike. Additionally, something unique about these candles are their 20 hour burn time and the purchase of each candle gives 3% back to support National Parks. These candles have the ability to be logo branded.

  • Customizable matches to pair with the recipients new candle

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 8.20.26 PM.png

Route 2 - Luggage Tags & Liberty Mutual Ceramic Mug Includes:

  • 2 Luggage Tags - as requested above

  • One of our ceramic camper mugs. We release seasonal mugs 4 times a year and we can hardly keep these ceramic mugs stocked. These are customizable which can include the Liberty Mutual or conference logo. A plain white ceramic camper mug would also be beautiful here! We would pack these in a ribbon tied box with any requested pre-mailer literature you request to be included.

Gift ProposaL - Omni orlando resort at CHAMPIONS GATE

Attendee/welcome gifts


Attendee/welcome gift will ship 5/15 (last year we had Axis and Tritium jackets)

  • We also had welcome snacks in a branded recycle bag with local treats


$71 Attendee/welcome gift ($15k/210 winners)


For this gift we’d propose 1 of 2 routes - The Gift of Tech or The Orlando Sunshine & Snacks Gift

Route 1 - The Gift of Tech - Includes:

  • Leather Tech/Travel Kit

  • We’d propose a leather keepsake travel bag containing 18+ travel necessities such as ear buds, phone/tablet stand, hand lotion, ear plugs, sleep mask, wrinkle releaser, and more.

  • Maple Bourbon Malt Balls

  • Tile - Tile is your tracking best friend that can be attached to virtually anything such as your purse, your keys, your wallet, your suitcase, etc. The tile app and your cell phone’s intuitive Tile app work seamlessly together to help find your things near and far.

  • Popcorn bag for snacking

  • Trail Mix bag for snacking

Gift ProposaL - Omni orlando resort at CHAMPIONS GATE

Attendee/welcome gifts

Route 2 - The Orlando Sunshine & Snacks Gift Includes:

  • 30 x 60 Navy Blue Striped Beach Towel - optional lower corner logo branding available

  • Mini Sunscreen and Amenity Kit for the Florida sun

  • 2 sparkling waters - blue/yellow coloring rather than the red pictured below to tie in company branding

  • High Quality Chocolates

  • Small batch granola crackle devoted to good-for-you treats made from the highest quality and all natural ingredients.

  • Popcorn for snacking - blue/yellow packaging rather than the red pictured below to tie in company branding

  • Trail Mix for snacking

  • Welcome note or requested literature


Custom design service is included with your gifts - just let us know what you'll like your card to read and we'll create it!

Shipping & Handling

We’re here to make your life easier! We want the gift giving experience to be a fun and enjoyable process. For this reason, we handle all logistics for you. We request a spreadsheet of recipient addresses and any necessary information. From there we individually hand pack each gift and individually track every package to ensure they arrive safe and sound at their intended destination.

Per your request, we have not included shipping costs with the above budgeted gifts. Shipping costs will vary based on the individual gift, quantity, destination(s), etc. Once we have more information we can provide an exact shipping estimate.

Gift Concierge Service

Gift concierge service is available for any order over $10,000 or 500 gifts headed to a single location. For an additional fee, a Kansas City Box team member and the lead of your corporate account will handle all gift logistics with the final destination including traveling to the location to ensure gifts are shipped in tip top shape, quality and integrity of each gift arrived intact, and the logistics of the shipped gift to the recipient goes smoothly. This service is most popular with large weddings and corporate events where hotel logistics are involved. The additional fee is dependent on number of gifts and location.


As a recap - We pulled together a few gift selections, per event, each stuffed with local, small batch, high quality, unique gifting items. The entirety of our proposed gifts include all custom design work, greeting card or informational insert between $18-$100 price points. These gifts are in no way set in stone and we can accommodate or adjust any products or budget as you see fit. 

Thank you so much for reaching out and taking time to consider the Kansas City Box for your custom gifting. We would be incredibly honored to work with you on this project and praise the employees of Liberty Mutual. If you'd like to see additional options, have any questions, or would like to proceed with gift orders please do not hesitate to reach out via my direct email, 


Katie Thompson     //     //     417.838.6497     //     @kansascitybox     //   share & discover local