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redemption Plus- formal proposal

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redemption plus - Custom proposal

Kansas City Box provides a refreshing new approach to corporate and client gifting. We create truly personalized, elevated gifts for clients of all sizes. Whether you’re a business of 5 or 5,000, we will design a gifting suite that fully captures your brand and leaves a lasting impression on clients, employees, vendors, and more.

Our team handles absolutely everything from start to finish. Real people, in our Kansas City based studio, sourcing unique local brands and products, designing branded collateral, hand packing, hand-writing personalized notes, and even taking care of shipping and logistics.

What makes us different from our competitors? In less than one year of business we've grown from a one-woman shop to a team that ships hundreds of gifts monthly, we have extensive experience in creating custom hyper-local gifts for all occasions. We produce many of our products in-house or in collaboration with over 60 local vendors. This allows us to offer virtually endless opportunities for customization and personalization, even at low quantities. We are equipped to handle screen-printing, wooden branding, engraving, letterpress - you name it!

We can incorporate your company’s branding into the theme or color scheme, branded glassware, apparel, accessories, artisan food items, stationery, collateral, and even private label items.

Whether you’re welcoming new employees, celebrating a holiday, launching a new product, or just saying thanks, we’ll create the perfect gifts, customized exactly to your needs and budget. You can just sit back, relax, and take all of the credit.

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Kansas City Box


Carefully Curated gifts leave lasting impressions

Preliminary discussion

We'd be honored to work with you to bring your custom gifting suite to life. After our preliminary discussion, we've created a vision which we hope you love and will highlight the gift just as you've envisioned. 

After you have reviewed our initial proposal please email us at or prior email thread with your likes/dislikes and/or order requests. Once we've established each of the products you love we'll work with you to fine tailor your gifts to their perfection. You can be as hands on or off at this point, it's up to you!


curated items we love


Gift ProposAL - redemption plus

kansas city THEMEd gifts


6 custom gifts. Gifts need to be able to be shipped. Ability to replicate 3+ gifts per month going forward.

Requested: Kansas City Food Items - BBQ sauces, popcorn, chocolate, coffee, wine/liquor, candles, soap, KC mug, barware


$50 per gift


Our team wanted to take your vision of tastes from around the KC metro and incorporate them into an elevated corporate gift. We also wanted the ability to offer you various theme’d gifts which might reflect different gifting scenarios and to highlight the request of barware and/or relaxation elements. Gifts can always be made to be gender specific or gender neutral.

proposed gift #1 - Mini taste of KC - $55 - 5% discount will be applied to orders 6+


this gift includes:

  • Wooden Keepsake Box

    • Cardboard box tied with ribbon can be subbed for $10 less

  • Alchemy Cold Brew Coffee

  • Topsy’s Popcorn

  • Gates BBQ Sauce

  • Christopher Elbow Chocolates - Box of 4

  • Informational Insert about the local makers

  • Included Redemption Plus Collateral

proposed gift #2 - winter blues - can be modified to reflect current season - $50

5% discount will be applied to orders 6+

Winter Blues.jpg

this gift includes:

  • Cardboard box tied with ribbon

    • Wooden box upgrade for $10

  • Domain Cold Brew

  • Kansas City Socks - Heart KC Socks can be subbed

  • MAPS small batch chocolate bar

  • Untamed Supply Candle - 3% of every sale supports National Parks

  • Informational Insert about your local makers

  • Included Redemption Plus Collateral

Proposed gift #3 - MINI IMBIBE BOX - $60 - 5% Discount will be applied to orders 6+


this gift includes:

  • Cardboard Box tied with ribbon

    • Wooden keepsake box upgrade for $10

  • Heavy Weight Luxury Cocktail Shaker

  • Cocktail Picks

  • Pickled cherries for cocktail garnish

  • Informational Insert

  • Included Redemption Plus Collateral

proposed gift #4 - Mini relax box - $50 - 5% Discount will be applied to orders 6+


this gift includes:

  • Wooden Keepsake Box

    • Cardboard box tied with ribbon can be subbed for $10 less

  • Alchemy Cold Brew Coffee

  • Ribbon tied box of Toffee or 2 Mini Andres Chocolate Bars

  • Untamed Supply Candle

  • Oat/Milk Bar Soap

  • Informational Insert about your local makers

  • Included Redemption Plus Collateral

Optional Add Ons or substitutions

Corporate branding

Elevate your gifts by incorporating company branding. Kansas City Box has the ability to incorporate your business logo, branding standards, and/or company colors into every gift. This can come in the form of perfectly tied ribbon matching your company colors, logo hang tags, private label items, even branding our wooden keepsake boxes with your company logo.

Do you have branded collateral you’d like to include? Just let us know and we’ll handle the logistics for pickup and including with your gifts free of charge*

Wooden Brand: One time set up fee of $300 which includes a 2inx2in branding plate with your company logo. This is an ideal option for companies interested in wooden keepsake boxes and an ongoing gifting relationship.

Canvas Bag: Branded or custom canvas bag $10 each with a minimum of $300 purchased.


Shipping Cost

$10 flat rate per gift

Kansas City Box covers a small percentage of your shipping for you.

We’re here to make your life easier! We want the gift giving experience to be a fun and enjoyable process. For this reason, we handle all logistics for you. We request a spreadsheet of recipient addresses and any necessary information. If your gifts are going to one location we will contact the final destination and arrange for appropriate delivery and times. From there we individually hand pack each gift and individually track every package to ensure they arrive safe and sound at their intended destination.

Gift Concierge Service

Gift concierge service is available for any order over $10,000 or 500 gifts headed to a single location. For an additional fee, a Kansas City Box team member, the lead of your corporate account, or wedding planner will handle all gift logistics with the final destination including traveling to the location to ensure gifts are shipped in tip top shape, quality and integrity of each gift arrived intact, and the logistics of the shipped gift to the recipient goes smoothly. This service is most popular with large weddings and corporate events where hotel logistics are involved. The additional fee is dependent on number of gifts and location (within the continental United States).

gift on demand service

Are you in need of gifts on a revolving basis but you don’t necessarily meet our minimum of $300? Kansas City Box offers a gift on demand service which includes the following.

  • We will work with you to determine a set gift or gifting suite.

  • We will then invoice you for a pre-determined amount of gifts.

    • This allows us to purchase your inventory at a greater discount and thus pass that discount on to you.

  • We will store all inventory and have gifts available for you at any given time.

    • You don’t have to worry about storage or expiration dates of food items.

  • When you’re in need of a gift you can send us an email with the requested gift(s) and recipient info. Your gift will be delivered within 48-72 hours.

Gift on demand service is most popular with realtors, photographer client gifts, wedding planner client welcome gifts, new member or new employee gifts, and those who have a revolving need for gifts and would like to receive bulk discounts but don’t necessarily meet the corporate gift minimum month-to-month.


As a recap - This proposal covers a range of local samples, sweets, and eats to be included within your gifting suite. The entirety of our proposed gift includes all custom design work within the $50 budget. These gifts are in no way set in stone and we can accommodate or adjust any products or budget as you see fit. 

Thank you so much for reaching out and taking time to consider the Kansas City Box for your custom gifting. We would be incredibly honored to work with you to create your gifts! If you'd like to see additional options, have any questions, or would like to proceed with gift orders please do not hesitate to reach out via my direct email, 


Katie Thompson     //     //     417.838.6497     //     @kansascitybox     //   share & discover local