Visit KC - Christmas in July Proposal

We'd be honored to work with you to bring your custom Christmas In July - Visit KC gifts to life. After our preliminary discussion we've created a vision which we hope you love and will highlight the gift just as you've envisioned. 

  • After you've reviewed our initial proposal please email us at with your likes/dislikes and/or order requests. Once we've established each of the products you love we'll work with you to fine tailor your gifts to their perfection. 
  • Once we've finalized your gifts and payment you can sit back and we'll handle the rest. 
  • Please note: We purchase product in bulk and do not have access to all samples until after the order is placed. For that reason we utilize our vision board with inspiration, products to which we have access, and previous events we've worked. 

Visit KC - Christmas In July Gifts 

Budget: Didn't receive a budget inquiry for this gift  

The hotel Welcome to KC is a special way to welcome your guests who have traveled near and far to partake in your special day and/or event. This is a great opportunity to give these couples a gift that's both practical for their stay but also a snapshot of what Kansas City is all about. 

Items we love for this gift:

  • Wooden Keepsake Box
    • A gift in itself
    • Based on your request for items guest don't have to take home I might propose the rounded white cardboard hat box 
      • Photo 10 
    • Based on your request for items guests don't have to take home I might propose a small basket which are more easily packed than wooden boxes
      • Photo 3 and Photo 9
  • We'll work to create a welcome packet to reflect your style and welcome your guests to Kansas City. This small packet will have details about Kansas City where to go, eat, visit, etc. 
    • Photo 5 has the example of a booklet, skyline, and Welcome to [Kansas City]. 
    • I have Kansas City has an example here but I can, of course, make this for Topeka too. 
  • Fresh fruit 
  • Sparkling Water 
    • Perrier Cans or Bottles - Photo 4 and Photo 9
      • I think a cool local substitution here would Unbakery & Juicery water - Photo 1 
  • Fresh Granola from Dolce Bakery 
    • This comes fresh made in a clear bag tied with twine and the best snack 
    • Photo 3
  • Fresh Citrus (Orange) Juice 
    • Photo 6
  • Craft Beer Beef Jerky 
    • Photo 15 
  • Fresh Granola Bar from Unbakery & Juicery 
    • Photo 14
  • Thez Nuts 
    • Cinnamon Pecans or Smokey BBQ Almonds 
  • Coffee
    • The Roasterie Travel Size Pack 
  • Each gift comes with fresh snips of floral and ribbon - Photo 7 and a complementary The Scout Guide Kansas City - Photo 8

The cost for this gift is $100 - free delivery to the hotel is included with these gifts! 


  • KC Wine Co Wine 
    • $20.00
  • Hugo Tea or Unbakery Loose Leaf Tea
    • $8.00 

*See items you'd like removed or added? Let us know and we'll make it happen/adjust the price accordingly. 

We look forward to working with you! Please reach out via email at with any additional question. If you love the overall style and would like us to run with the overall theme we can do that too!